Homeowner benefits

  • Reduced heating bills through the elimination of magnetite/iron oxide sludge & increased efficiency of your hydronic heating system
  • Reduced maintenance costs through the diagnoses and resolution of any critical water quality issues
  • Extended system life as a result of the testing and maintenance of total critical parameters

“I found the kit really useful. It’s unusual to find a kit that allows you to test for pH, copper, chloride, iron and water hardness all at the same time"

Steve Mulligan, Technical Trainer at Sweeney Rogers Geraghty Inc.

Technical Specifications

Water test kit components

  • Chloride Reagent 1 drop
  • Chloride Reagent 2
  • Chloride Reagent 3
  • Syringe
  • Sample tube
  • pH test strips
  • Iron test strips
  • Copper test strips
  • Water hardness test strips
  • MC1+ Protector Quick Test strips

Installer benefits

  • Rapid on-site analysis of critical water quality issues allowing you to quickly recover the longevity and efficiency of your customer’s hydronic heating system
  • Complete service offering to customers
  • Fewer call-backs following the testing and maintenance of total critical parameters’