MagnaClean Professional2XP

Powerful performance for larger systems

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MagnaClean Professional2XP<sup>™</sup>

MagnaClean Micro2

Compact, powerful magnetic filtration – ideal for tight spaces

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MagnaClean Micro2<sup>™</sup>

MagnaClean Professional2

ADEY'S best-selling magnetic dirt filter

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MagnaClean Professional2<sup>™</sup>

When there’s microscopic sludge on the scene, you need a dirt filter that can capture every single particle, not just the biggest.


A full and fast power flush for lasting system protection

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MagnaClean DualXP

Extra protection for light commercial systems

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"After training contractors about this product, and comparing it to other brands, I knew the MagnaClean Professional2XP was the right filter for the job”, Milligan

MagnaClean Commercial

Magnetite isn’t just a residential issue. In fact, the bigger the system, the bigger the problem. Our commercial filters are designed to tackle this heavy-duty industrial debris.

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MagnaClean DRX

The ADEY® MagnaClean™ DRX magnetic dirt filter provides a compact and cost-effective solution for protecting heating components in small to medium sized commercial hydronic heating systems.

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Water treatment is a critical part of effective maintenance.