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Jun 01, 2020

Summer checks and tests maintain hydronic heating systems and your professional reputation

Summer is a time for fun, for rest and relaxation — for enjoying activities those of us in colder climates sorely missed all winter. But for professional heating contractors looking to build their businesses and their professional reputations, summer is also a time of great opportunity.

Or at least it should be...

A thriving business builds a strong following by consistently delivering quality — not just in product, but also in the services it p...

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May 29, 2019

Why install a filter on top of using a chemical cleaner and inhibitor?

The best way to explain it is to compare it to car care. You would still put an oil filter on a brand new car; you wouldn’t wait for the engine to get a bit grubby before deciding to fit a filter onto it. That’s the same theory behind installing a filter on a hydronic heating system, even if you’re using chemicals.

In a heating system that is old and has been installed for quite some time, even if you clean it and use an inhibitor, you can never guarantee it would be 1...

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