Why that $60 “special” boiler service really isn’t benefiting your system

When it comes to HVAC system health, the thoroughness of your boiler service is key. Some boiler services may seem like a good deal, but what is actually included as part of that service?

Is a *$60 “special” service really benefiting your system? Understanding the level of service you’re getting for your money may encourage you to think twice about the price.

Why is it even important?

Without a comprehensive service, your system could suffer from water quality issues. As a homeowner, you may be wondering how to identify whether your system is suffering from bad water quality. Below are some problems you may be experiencing if your system is not up to scratch:

  • Low heat levels
  • Leaks
  • Noisy boilers
  • Radiator cold spots
  • Increased heating bills due to system efficiency loss
  • System part failure
  • Boiler breakdowns

A poor service or lack of maintenance could lead to any of the above, and with the average cost of a replacement high-efficiency combi boiler for an average sized home starting at *$8,000 plus tax, investing in a professional and thorough service will prevent far more costly repairs in the future.

What boiler service am I actually getting for my money?

Well, for *$60, let’s just say this “special” service isn’t very special at all. You’ll be lucky to receive a boiler wipe down and clean of the condensate trap which really doesn’t mean much at all, and still leaves your boiler in danger of potential breakdowns.

For an average cost of *$350 plus tax, you can expect to receive the following service which is much more thorough and professionally advised:

  • Removal and jet wash of the burner
  • Clean and scrub of the combustion chamber and tubes
  • Clean flame sense and ignitor rods
  • Drain and clean condensate trap
  • Test low water cut-off and flow switch
  • Inspect refractory lining, venting and outside termination
  • Check expansion tank pressure and operation
  • Check system pressure and feed/flowback condition and operation
  • Check gas pressure
  • Once everything is reassembled, complete a low and high fire combustion test and provide homeowner with report
  • Open and close any and all isolation valves

However, for the most comprehensive boiler service you could possibly receive and to ensure your system is completely cleaned up and free of any bad water quality threats, you should also seriously consider these highly recommended services below:

  • Water quality check for pH, chloride, copper, iron, water hardness and inhibitors to identify any potential water quality issues
  • A complete system clean and flush
  • Installation of a magnetic dirt filter and a dose of inhibitor to provide long term protection; increase overall heating efficiency and prolong the life of the system

By choosing a service like this, not only are you preventing a boiler issue and the potential cost of a boiler replacement when it fails; you’re also saving on emergency callout costs, sleepless nights due to noisy boilers, heating bills, hot water problems, and uncomfortably cold winter nights.

Save yourself years of hassle-free winters and feel comfortable in your own home again by investing in a quality boiler service!

Special thanks to Don Taylor, owner of Taylor Mechanical HVAC, refrigeration, controls, and hydronics in Niagara, Canada.

*Please note all costs are in CAD and are subject to variation