• Flexible and powerful plant room solution offering adaptive magnetic and non-magnetic pumped sidestream filtration
  • Designed for use with our external magnetic jacket to deliver vastly accelerated and augmented magnetite capture
  • Can be placed anywhere across a heating or chilled system via connections onto the main system flow or return
  • Compact, lightweight solution promising single-person installation & servicing
  • Full BMS connectivity & monitoring capability with programmable alarm functions
  • Pressure differential warning alarms to warn of potential filter blockage & servicing requirements
  • System water temperature sensing with programmable high/low-temperature warning alarms
  • Turned on or off at the flick of a switch or electronically via BMS connection
  • Supplied with three high-quality, spun-bonded 50-micron cartridge filters
  • Automatic air vent assembly included as standard to promote passive system deaeration

Installation & Servicing Guide

The MagnaClean CMX Pumped Sidestream filter provides high performance, sidestream filtration when space is a premium and/or where it isn’t possible to install a filter across a pump on any heating or chilled system. Follow our guide below to see how.

Air & Dirt Separator

Essential air and dirt separation combined with energy efficiency

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Digital Pressurisation Units

Water System Pressurisation with advanced digital control

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Magnetite is the biggest cause of central heating system breakdowns, hands down.