• Accelerated magnetite capture, designed to remove highly damaging magnetite as quickly as possible from commercial systems when combined with the CMX Nano filter
  • Powerful protection for system pumps and boilers when installed on the primary, (boiler) side of a heating system; yet compact enough to be placed on individual, secondary heating and chilled circuits
  • A compact and lightweight portable accessory that can be moved from filter to filter and/or plant room to plant room, more than doubling the capture capacity of magnetic debris within the filter
  • Can be used with the CMX Nano Pumped Sidestream to provide powerful, focussed filtration exactly where its required; ideal for when available space prohibits larger filters from being installed
  • Simple servicing & maintenance – jacket can remain on the filter canister during servicing or can be easily removed via the upper and lower screw jacks
  • Dual-purpose solution offering vastly accelerated magnetite capture and thermal insulation for the Nano filter
  • Helps to protect valuable plant equipment, improve system performance and efficiency and reduce maintenance and running costs

Product Specification

The powerful CMX External Magnetic Jacket works to accelerate magnetite capture when paired with the MagnaClean CMX Nano® filter. Download the full product specification here.