MC1+ Protector

Chemical protection against corrosion and limescale

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MC1+ Rapide Protector

Fast chemical protection from magnetite and limescale

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MC2+ Silencer

Reduce boiler noise and restore heat efficiency

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Chemical water treatment is a critical part of effective maintenance.

MC2+ Rapide Silencer

The speedy way to treat boiler noise and restore heat efficiency

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MC3+ Cleaner

Quicker to dose, speedier to start cleaning

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When there’s microscopic sludge on the scene, you need a filter that can capture every single particle, not just the biggest.

MC3+ Rapide Cleaner

MC3+ Rapide gets to work on breaking down debris fast. Its powerful formula is designed specifically to clear all debris. And with a quick-dose bottle, it can be added in 20 seconds and cleaning up magnetite and other sludge in an hour.

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Chemical water treatment is a critical part of effective maintenance.

MC4 Leak Sealer

Seal leaks simply

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MC4+ Rapide Leak Sealer

The faster way to seal leaks simply

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MC5 Rapid Flush System Cleaner

Fast chemical magnetite and sludge removal

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With the ADEY range, you can stop sludge from damaging heating systems.

MC10+ Biocide

Specialised protection for systems with underfloor heating

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MC10+ Rapide Biocide

Specialised underfloor heating protection that gets to work faster.

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Magnetite is the biggest cause of central heating system breakdowns, hands down.


First and foremost, MCZero is an anti-freeze. It’s specially formulated to stop all water types freezing. But this chemical treatment also prevents metal corrosion and scale formation. So once it’s in the central heating system, it protects in all weathers, not just during cold snaps.

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