ADEY® Best Practice


Delegates will be advised of the importance of the use of "Cleaners" and will be shown both ADEY's MC3+ and MC5 Cleaners and how these are introduced to a central heating system either by bottled or Rapide. Delegates will also be advised on when to administer them and how long these chemicals should be left in the system.


The Magnacleanse kit will be shown to attendees followed by an actual demonstration on how the kit is assembled and attached to the heating system prior to the Magnacleanse process commencing. This will be followed by a "live" demonstration of the full Magnacleanse procedure on a working system showing the removal of virtually all suspended black iron oxide solution (magnetite) in one pass. This will illustrate that the process can be achieved in as little as two hours.


You will review the installation, servicing and unique design characteristics of the complete range of magnetic filters, from the super compact MagnaClean Atom® to the only WI-FI enabled connected magnetic filter MagnaClean Professional3 Sense®. All ADEY filters provide ongoing protection by continuing to remove suspended magnetite, therefore, helping to extend the life of a heating system.


Use of a premium chemical MC1+ will ensure the ongoing protection of the system by slowing down the corrosion rate. This will be explained to delegates and the ways that the MC1+ can be dosed to the system.


Delegates will be shown how to carry out a quick test and how to do a full water test by taking a sample of water from the system for sending to ADEY's UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis. Delegates will then be shown the resulting test reports with explanations on each of the findings on the report and how these are used to make recommendations for restoring full heating system efficiency.


It will be explained to delegates the importance of continually maintaining the central heating system and that the introduction of a Protector (MC1+) doesn’t mean for life. Explanation will be given as to why protectors degrade and why as part of the annual boiler service a water test should be carried out to ensure there is sufficient protector in the system and re-dosing can be done where necessary.