Test and assess the system water quality.

Test and assess the quality of the heating system water with ADEY ProCheck® for instant results or, send a water sample to our UKAS accredited laboratory, with results returned within 24 hours of receipt.


Clean the system using chemicals and flushing to shift any build-up in the system pipes, radiators and boiler.

ADEY® cleaners along with ADEY MagnaCleanse RapidFlush® remove damaging black iron oxide sludge, biofilms, flux residues, scale and other debris which would otherwise collect in the system and could lead to boiler breakdown. reduced efficiency and higher energy bills.


Protect the system with ADEY MagnaClean® filters, accessories and chemicals.

ADEY's increased strength and high-performance MC1+® inhibitor protects against system corrosion and limescale deposition improves heating efficiency and boiler performance. Systems can be further protected from freezing with MCZero® and low-temperature systems should be treated with MC10+® biocide.

For ongoing protection install the market-leading magnetic filter MagnaClean®.

A water test should be carried out after commissioning and recorded within Benchmark for proof of cleanliness.


Provide continuous protection throughout the life of the system with annual servicing and continued chemical protection.

Annual servicing and water testing using ADEY ProCheck promotes continual system protection as part of British Standards 7593:2019. Chemical inhibitors should be re-dosed every 5 years or a laboratory water test undertaken to verify that the chemicals have not degraded.

For continued protection against breakdown, remotely monitor system efficiency and health 24/7 with ADEY Sense®.