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Aug 18, 2020

Smart filter helps limit home visits during pandemic

This year has been unlike any other with the global pandemic changing priorities in many industries. For a lot of plumbing and heating businesses it has been a challenging balancing act between helping homeowners with urgent work and keeping businesses running, whilst adhering to COVID-19 guidelines and staying safe.

Businesses like Heatable, the online boiler provider, have taken advantage of the innovative features offered by the ADEY MagnaClea...

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Jul 16, 2020

Coming soon: Quick and easy water testing on the job

Sludge build-up from corrosion can lead to cold spots on radiators, reduced system effectiveness and diminished energy efficiency, among other issues.

Of most concern are complete boiler breakdowns, in fact, 15% of all breakdowns occur in the first year and 60% of these are due to sludge.

In short, poor water treatment does not make for happy heating systems or happy customers. These problems will be, at best, inconvenient and, at worst, disruptive and costly for the homeowner.<...

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Jun 09, 2020


Heating systems account for a third of the UK’s greenhouse emissions, according to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). As a result, there are several options under consideration to see how sustainable energy provision and low carbon technologies for future heating needs can assist the country in meeting its 2050 net zero emissions target. However, there are also practical, proven, and immediate ways to improve the operational efficiency of the boilers...

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Apr 21, 2020

How installers can help customers from a safe distance

In these uncertain times, many trades are having to get used to working in a different way. Installers are no different. Claire Miller, Marketing Director at ADEY, advises how installers can help customers from a safe distance.

With increased numbers of people now working from home, pressure on the typical household systems we all take for granted is only set to intensify – particularly boilers.

Homeowners want to be reassured that their boiler is functioning effectively and eff...

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