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Jul 29, 2022

How the Latest Water Testing Technology is Taking S Payne Plumbing & Heating to the Next Level

To try and tackle the issue of poor water quality in the nation’s heating systems, a revised British Standard BS 7593:2019 was introduced in May 2019. This standard has since been included in Part L of Building Regulations. It includes, amongst other measures, annual water testing to check the level of inhibitor and cleanliness of the system every year and a full system water test or re-dosing of inhibitor every five years.

Although the main driver behind introducing the new requireme...

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Apr 01, 2021

An Added Boost of Professionalism with ADEY ProCheck®

Being able to show customers why you are recommending a course of action is an ideal way to reassure that a job has been done properly and professionally. With this in mind, installer, Will Hartley, of Hartley Heating and Plumbing, from Worcestershire, has been using ADEY ProCheck to give his business additional standout, encourage recommendations and boost long-term return custom.

“Many people expect their boiler to just keep running and, as the water quality in the system is large...

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Feb 25, 2021

MagnaClean DRX®

MagnaClean DRX® heating system protection for Magistrates Court


Hull Magistrates court is a four-storey building with various plant rooms and is around 15 years old. Following a review of electrical systems by electrical contractor ESL, significant issues with heating in certain areas of the building were identified. Heating contractors Enright Environmental were appointed to identify the cause of these issues and provide solutions.

The brie...

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Oct 12, 2020

MagnaClean Micro2®

MagnaClean Micro2® filters and chemicals protect hundreds of heating systems in Scotland


Aberdeen City Council have a housing stock of around 22,000 properties, with a rolling programme of boiler installation and replacements for their tenants. The council wanted to protect and extend the lifetime of heating systems within these properties and turned to ADEY to provide the solution.

The brief:

With around...

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