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Sep 27, 2021

Working with Customers to Deliver Product Innovation


Together Housing manages over 36,000 homes in the North of England including those for rent, for sale through shared ownership, retirement, and care accommodation. The organisation has worked with ADEY Commercial for over four years, improving plant room reliability and sealed system performance in over 50 sites across Northern England. Spanning East to West, these bigger complexes provide care for older people in a comfortable, safe, and sociable environmen...

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Mar 31, 2021

ADEY ProCheck® provides instant water test results for house builders


Heatco are a large contracting business, providing heating installation and maintenance services to a broad customer base from individual households to large house builders. They carry out work for a variety of national and regional builders including Persimmon Homes, Cameron Homes, Morris Homes and Vistry Group, with a servicing division managing and maintaining heating systems for homes after they are built.

The brief:


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Jan 05, 2021

Water Quality Tests in an Instant

ADEY has developed a water quality testing system that gives installers instant results, enabling them to carry out remedial measures on the spot and show their customer allows the key data connected to a system’s water quality, including measuring for inhibitor corrosion and pH levels. Here, ADEY explains how the product works and highlights the experience of one installer.

To tackle the issue of poor water quality in the nation’s heating systems, a revised British Standard BS7593:201...

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Sep 11, 2020

MagnaClean CMX™

MagnaClean CMX™ filters improve heating system reliability and reduce costs for UK Social Housing Schemes


When a social housing provider based in the Midlands decided to address heating systems and system water quality in more than 30 accommodation blocks across the city, they contacted their main contractor who asked Dodd Group to provide a review and maintenance of all plant rooms servicing the accommodation. Dodd Group provide plann...

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