This white van’s the man

We want to help you guys find top gear. So we’ve searched around for vans that deliver the goods. We’ve picked out three that sit in poll position, but all for different reasons. The question is, which one is the right van for you?

The best seller If popularity is the decider when it comes to picking the right van, then it’s the Ford Transit Custom that’s top of the bestseller list.

It’s easy to drive, comfy, modern and there’s no shortage of dealers selling them. It also holds its value well, which might have something to do with it being the go-to vehicle for most people.

However, while the Ford Transit Custom sells better than others, it doesn’t make the top 15 when it comes to reliability.

The most reliable According to Fleet News’ FN50 survey, the best performing van for 2017 has been the Mercedes Sprinter.

Fleet News’ rankings are decided based on the number of breakdowns and warranty claims for each vehicle. And when you think about the kind of mileage these vans will do, coming top of the list based on these factors is an impressive performance.

The Mercedes Sprinter is also a brilliant drive and has plenty of safety features, making it feel even more reliable beyond the fact it’s the marque least likely to conk out on you.

2018’s best van To find the best, sometimes you need to think ahead. Choosing a van based on what’s been decent this year is one way to go, but it’s also worth looking at tomorrow’s most promising vans.

Parkers, offering the UK expert advice on the best new and used cars and vans to buy, have reviewed hundreds of vehicles to bring you the best van for 2018. And the winner is… the Volkswagen Crafter.

Nice to drive, covers long distances comfortably, packed with safety innovations, this one might just be the best of both the vans above.

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