Securing sales with on-site water testing from ADEY

As the impact of the global health crisis continues to affect the economy, many plumbing and heating professionals are looking for ways to increase revenues and secure their businesses during uncertain times.

Tom Hood at ADEY discusses how the latest water testing technology can help installers to win more jobs and streamline their working processes.

For the majority of this year, most installers will have only been undertaking emergency work, but as we move into heating season there is now an opportunity for installers to remind customers about the dangers of sludge and start to upsell water treatment services again.

Sludge build-up from corrosion can lead to cold spots on radiators, reduced system effectiveness and diminished energy efficiency, among other concerns. Of most concern are complete boiler breakdowns, in fact, 15% of all breakdowns occur in the first year and 60% of these are due to sludge.1

In a bid to tackle these issues, a revised British Standard BS 7593:2019 for the preparation, commissioning and maintenance of domestic heating and cooling water systems was introduced in May 2019, to help drive the adoption of best practice in whole system health. In addition to other measures, the standard now includes annual water testing to check the level of inhibitor and cleanliness of the system every year and a full system water test or re-dosing of inhibitor every five years.

Despite the clear incentives for customers to adopt water treatment best practice, it can sometimes be difficult for installers to get “buy in” from homeowners who may not fully understand or trust their recommendations.

One way installers can substantiate their claims is by taking a sample of the system water for testing. However, current on-site ‘dip test’ methods rely heavily on human interpretation, which can leave room for error. Laboratory water tests are highly accurate but require the sample to be sent off-site for analysis, meaning the engineer must schedule another visit to complete the remedial work, which can be costly and time-consuming.

To help installers assess a system quickly and accurately whilst on-site, ADEY has launched the industry’s first universal water testing kit which provides ‘lab-style’ results instantly to a phone while they are on the job, offering a convenient and accurate way to comply with BS 7593:2019.

The new ADEY ProCheck water test kit allows installers to access key data connected to a system’s water quality, including measuring for inhibitors, corrosion and pH levels. Users simply need to take a water sample, use the supplied test strips, scan these against a unique test card via the app and receive instant results. The device wirelessly downloads details about the system’s status, and relays recommended actions to the user’s phone within seconds, without adding time to service routines. Installers can review the findings on-site and discuss any issues and potential treatments with the homeowner while still at the property, eliminating the need for a repeat visit, which also supports COVID safe working practices by helping to minimise face-to-face contact.

Having this tangible evidence of system water quality is an essential tool to help installers get their customers to understand the importance of system health and could mean the difference between securing additional revenue or not.

The test results can be emailed directly to the customer whilst also being viewed later via a management portal, which allows the installer to compare against previous results to identify potential trends. All this gives independent validation that a property has been left in optimum system health by the engineer, by a system which has been approved by KIWA Gastec.

As well as benefiting domestic engineers and homeowners, ADEY ProCheck is the ultimate solution for contractors working with social housing providers or private landlords. Using the system and taking preventative maintenance measures helps to extend the life of heating systems, reduce spare part costs and improve the cost to serve (the number of visits per property to fix a problem), which are compelling propositions that could set the contractor apart from the competition and help to win future jobs.

Using the latest water testing technology and recommending a solution on the spot can not only help heating professionals to make additional income, but also build a stronger level of trust with their customers and ensure repeat business.

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