New boilers protected for the long term at the Eden Unit, a mental health facility in Birmingham


A lifecycle boiler replacement has benefitted from the very first installation of the new MagnaClean Commercial DRX filter.


  1. To protect the investment of a boiler lifecycle upgrade which saw old cast iron units replaced with more efficient, aluminium boilers
  2. To ensure a previously unprotected heating system could operate efficiently, keeping vulnerable psychiatric patients warm and supplied with hot water


The two floor mounted MHS Regency 2 cast iron boilers in the plant room at the Eden Unit needed replacing having been installed 20 years ago. Not only were the boilers themselves not working as efficiently, the spare parts were becoming obsolete. An upgrade was required to replace this outdated technology with more modern condensing boilers, imperative to ensure there was no interruption to the supply of heating and hot water to vulnerable patients.

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust invested in two new Remeha Quinta Pro aluminium boilers which were installed by Unique Mechanical Services. Knowing how important it was to make sure these were properly protected and having been a long-term advocate of ADEY’s range of Commercial filters, one was specified from the start. However, space was restricted in the plant room which meant that any solution would need to be compact. Unfortunately, this meant that any dirt separator and even the highly efficient and compact 2” MagnaClean Commercial filter was too big and would have resulted in expensive pipe alterations to accommodate them.


Unique Mechanical Services knew that ADEY had been developing a new compact commercial filter. The MagnaClean DRX was the ideal solution; a compact and cost-effective filter that can achieve maximum magnetite capture.


The filter was installed vertically and in-line, despite the small space available, fitting neatly into a corner, tight to the wall whilst still maintaining ample access for future servicing. Prior to this the system was dosed with ADEY’s MC3+ premium chemical cleaner to help break down any magnetite. It has since been dosed with MC1+ chemical cleaner which will provide further protection and help prevent magnetite and other corrosion building up and affecting system performance.


‘The investment to upgrade the boilers was significant so it’s great that Unique Mechanical Services were able to provide us with a solution that ensures the system will perform more efficiently and last for longer. As a publicly funded body, the Eden Unit needs to be able to demonstrate that any money spent represents the best possible value and the filter installation helps them to do this. The heating system is essential, not just to ensure patient comfort, but so that staff can do their jobs. An unplanned system breakdown would be hugely disruptive so it’s reassuring to know that the proper protection is in place to reduce the chance of this happening.’ Savroop Sumal, Hard Services Manager for NHS main contractor, AMEY.

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