Michael Chandler talks about his experience with ADEY ProCheck

Michael Chandler, Domestic Gas Contracts Manager, Aston Group.

"We have always performed water testing on new full system installations and boiler replacements as part of our obligation to our client and manufacturers requirements. But it also gives us the confirmation that the system is in good health to get the maximum efficiency from the boiler.

With long term service and maintenance contracts ADEY ProCheck provides us with a quick, cost effective means to ensure the systems we maintain are in good condition to prevent future breakdowns at a higher expense.

Using ADEY ProCheck will be our default choice in the future as it allows us to complete the final installation packs faster for the clients resulting in a more efficient service. We will use the facility to show where systems need cleaning to restore full efficiency and prevent further failures.

The app allows us to provide evidence to the clients or homeowners while the engineer is on site for quick solutions to be decided. This enables systems to be treated as required in a quicker timescale preventing further damage to the boiler.

Due to the benefits I have already stated, we feel the ADEY ProCheck function will be beneficial to all companies or engineers in the industry. It can push the cost of system testing down, ease the process of obtaining results and hopefully more systems being correctly checked preventing boiler breakdowns and keeping efficiency at acceptable levels.

The app is simple, quick and easy to use with the test equipment, being compact enough to not take up space in an engineer’s van".

Find out more about ADEY ProCheck https://www.adey.com/procheck

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