MagnaClean Commercial®

MagnaClean Commercial® filters protect Grade 2 listed accommodation and school in Manchester

Project: Appleby Lodge in Fallowfield, Manchester, is a 1930’s, Grade 2 listed building comprising of 102 flats. Home to a variety of residents from students to elderly pensioners, it is heated by an aged communal heating system which includes cast iron radiators and over 1,000 metres of pipework around the property, plus pipework to each of the flats.

The brief: The property management company wanted to provide improved heating efficiency and comfort to homeowners and tenants throughout the building and reduce the probability of call outs and remedial work required following system breakdown.

The solution:
Phoenix Installation Services had already replaced heating pumps and performed pipework modifications in the building. Following review of the options and upon recommendation from the company, Phoenix Installation Services installed an ADEY 4” MagnaClean Commercial® filter in the building’s plant room, to protect the improved system from further damage resulting from magnetite build up, often referred to as sludge.

Phoenix had previously seen successful magnetite capture following their installation of six MagnaClean Commercial filters at a nearby school, where complete system drain down was impossible due to the school timetable. The use of the filters provided an efficient solution to capture existing magnetite in the system, and reduced the time it took to heat the school in the mornings from two hours to just 45 minutes – reducing gas consumption and resulting costs and carbon emissions.

The MagnaClean Commercial filter is available in five sizes, to suit pipe dimensions from 2” to 8” and has an integral sight glass for easy inspection of debris capture helping to identify when servicing is required. Simple installation and servicing make this a popular option for large systems, with excellent filter performance. Four high powered magnets effectively capture magnetite and can be individually removed for cleaning. All in all, use of the filter means that maintenance costs are reduced, and heating system efficiency and performance is restored.

The results: Following the work undertaken on the heating system at Appleby Lodge, residents have reported a marked improvement in both heating efficiency and performance, and ongoing maintenance costs have come down considerably.

Verdict: Residents at Appleby Lodge have stated that their heating systems have ‘never been so warm’, that they are ‘warming up sooner’ and their ‘radiators have never been so warm’ – particularly important for the older residents in the building.

‘I chose to use the MagnaClean Commercial filter as I know the quality and performance that ADEY filters deliver. This filter is compact yet particularly hard working and was perfect for the job – it’s reliable, and the sight glass allows me to see what sludge capture levels are without having to dismantle the filter, so I know what’s happening in the system. My customers are really happy with the results, and the costs saved by avoiding breakdowns easily covers the cost of the filter, whilst improving the life of the heating system’. Simon Squires – Phoenix Installation Services.

For further information about ADEY Commercial sealed system solutions, contact or telephone 01242 546 700

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