Five Tips for Saving Energy at Home

At ADEY we are passionate about our planet. We are doing all that we can by constantly making switches to be as sustainable as we can within our business – but it’s not only businesses that affect the environment, our home lives have a huge impact. Sustainable switches need to happen within households too. Trying to live a more eco-friendly life can feel overwhelming at first, which is why we wanted to share some simple tips to help you with this.

1. Turn off appliances at the switch.

Little habits make all the difference – get into the habit of making sure to switch off those sockets as soon as you are done with them. It takes hardly any time, and it’s such an easy way to live a little sustainably.

2. Switch to LED light bulbs.

Switching to LED light bulbs is another small, simple change you can make in your home. This will expand the lifespan of your bulbs. LEDs are capable of turning about 70% of their energy into light. This makes them much more efficient than other bulbs, which waste a lot of energy by turning it into heat. It only takes a 6 watt LED bulb to produce the amount of light that a 40-watt incandescent does, and their lower temperature also makes them safer to operate.

3. Wash clothes at a lower temperature.

The more people who make little changes like this, the better. If everyone in Europe made an effort to reduce their wash temperature when possible it could really make a big difference. In fact, the energy savings of a reduction of only 3° in the average wash temperature of people in Europe is equivalent to the emissions produced by more than 127,000 cars.

Not only is the good for the planet, but also for your clothes. Washing at a lower temperature, is gentler on your garments, meaning the colours will last longer and the wear on the textiles is minimal.

4. Keep the lid on while you cook.

This simple hack is often completely overlooked. Putting a lid on the pan while you cook allows the contents to heat faster and retain that heat longer, meaning you can save energy and reduce your cooking time.

5. Keep your central heating system water clean

Having clean water in your central heating systems is vital as this will prevent breakdowns and save energy. ADEY solutions can help reduce carbon emissions by up to 250kg per year.

Learn more about how ADEY are working towards a sustainable future, by watching this video.

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