This is Engineering Day

ADEY, leading manufacturer of magnetic filtration and water treatment products, are proud to support “This is Engineering Day 2019”.

Launched in January of 2018, this day aims to build awareness around the UK’s skills and diversity shortfall. The shortage has sparked a need for more young persons to be enlightened of the potential career paths available in engineering.

One of the issues faced is a basic and limited representation of what engineering is. With many assuming engineering involves hard hats and high vis attire, when there are multiple disciplines and career paths available.

One of these career paths is that of a heating engineer. ADEY are proud to work with heating engineers on a regular basis to ensure home heating systems are working efficiently and safely.

What is the difference between a plumber and a heating engineer?

There is often confusion between what the difference between the roles of a plumber and a heating engineer are. Both work with heating systems, boiler maintenance or servicing, meaning there is some overlap between the two. The main difference lies within the fact that heating engineers focus solely on the heating system, rather than the dry and wet pipes that run throughout a property.

The role of the heating engineer is to maintain and install pipework, fixtures and fittings required for a heating system. Working within the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors, a heating engineer is the specialist you need for solutions such as boiler service or repair.

All heating engineers must be Gas Safe Registered, and you can find out whether this is the case by visiting the Gas Safe Register.

Heating engineers have a very specific skill set and ADEY Training Academy work to provide high-quality education and continued development for installers to ensure they meet standards. With a focus on whole system health, from the water treatment products available at ADEY to water testing, ADEY Training Team ensure they cover all the necessities and Best Practice of heating engineering.

Attend ADEY Training

ADEY Training Academy was launched on 24th May 2019 and, has since, opened 14 centres across the UK. Working with heating engineers of varying skill levels, from apprentices to experienced installers, ADEY provides courses in Best Practice to ensure that all our trainees are providing the highest quality service.

To be kept up to speed with the latest product innovations, regulations and water testing, book your place on one of the upcoming training courses.

You can use our online booking platform to find the training centre nearest to you and book your place on the next available course.

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