An Added Boost of Professionalism with ADEY ProCheck®

Being able to show customers why you are recommending a course of action is an ideal way to reassure that a job has been done properly and professionally. With this in mind, installer, Will Hartley, of Hartley Heating and Plumbing, from Worcestershire, has been using ADEY ProCheck to give his business additional standout, encourage recommendations and boost long-term return custom.

“Many people expect their boiler to just keep running and, as the water quality in the system is largely unknown and unseen, they are often surprised when I talk about poor water quality being the cause of many boiler breakdowns. Being able to show to customers the issues you are talking about whilst you are in their home or on site, goes a long way when it comes to reinforcing why you are recommending a course of action.

“Having a piece of kit like ADEY ProCheck in the van is great as it means you can reassure on the spot. The fact you can instantly access the results and email an independent certificate from your smart device is not only convenient, but it really does give a professional edge to the work I am suggesting.

“This visible reference also gives me the chance to explain what the problem is, the solutions available and how to stop issues reoccurring, which my customers do appreciate. And I find that this improved understanding of how their heating system works boosts the potential install opportunities too - I’ve certainly increased the number of filters I have installed off the back of the results shown.

“The same goes to revealing the difference you’ve made once you have completed the job. I often use ADEY ProCheck to demonstrate the high standard to which work has been carried out and the noticeable effect this has had on the water quality in the heating system. Again, this adds that extra guarantee that the advice given was accurate and professional, leading to repeat custom and word-of-mouth recommendations, both of which are always invaluable.”

For more information about ADEY ProCheck, and to request a demo, click here.

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