The boiler breakdown hacked

There are some pretty common problems that can play havoc with your heating. So we wanted to give you a quick run down of what they are to help you avoid a total boiler meltdown.

Radiator cold spots

Brrrrrrr-illiant. You switch the heating on, but your rads are far from hot all over. Why? It could be any of the following:

• Air in the central heating

• Rusty pipes filling radiators with magnetite

• A malfunctioning part – pumps, valves

Whatever’s causing it, it’s not a great sign and worth sorting before the problem gets worse.

The fix

Bleed your radiators to get rid of any air that might be creating the cold spots. Remove any rust responsible for the problem using the combo of an ADEY MagnaClean filter and chemical cleaner. If chilly spots still persist, get a professional in. They’ll look for and repair any faulty parts responsible for leaving your radiators stone cold. They can also carry out a full system MagnaCleanse, completely removing all debris (not just rust) that can cause the cold spots.

A noisy boiler and heating

Whether it’s the boiler that rattles every time it rolls into action, or bangs, gurgles, whistles and rumbles coming from somewhere else in the system, the noise isn’t just annoying. It might be a sign of bigger problems. And it’s limescale and air that are the most common culprits.

The fix

To sort the noisy central heating, start by getting rid of any trapped air. Find the radiators making all the racket and bleed them. If that doesn’t shut them up, you might need to flush the whole system of limescale and air. If the noise is coming from your boiler, call in an engineer. They’ll get rid of any limescale in the heat exchanger that can cause this problem.

Leaks and drips

Water leakage from your boiler is never a good sign. It usually indicates that a breakdown is imminent. It’s a simple problem to spot. Just keep an eye out for any water underneath the boiler or around its pipes and tank. Causes can range from broken parts to corroded pipes.

The fix

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a damaged component or wear and tear that’s responsible, there’s only one answer for leaks and drips. Call in a professional to come and check your boiler over.

Complete protection

If you want to keep your boiler healthy, there’s still more you can do. Our innovative filters and award-winning chemicals are all designed to help clean and protect your central heating, preventing a lot of issues.

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