Awards success for ADEY’s Commercial Water Testing

Global water treatment manufacturer and magnetic filtration pioneer, ADEY celebrated last night (27 June) after picking up another industry gong at the fifth annual Commissioning Specialists Association (CSA) Awards.

In a gala ceremony held at The Guoman Tower Hotel, London, ADEY’s Commercial Water Testing Services, MALDI-ToF instrument took home the title of Product Innovation of the Year - beating stiff competition from six other finalists, including its own MagnaClean DRX filter.

MALDI-ToF is a UKAS accredited instant confirmation technique for culture-based microbiological testing. As part of the commissioning process, cultures taken from water samples can be tested and an instant identification of genus and species provided where contaminants such as Legionella and Pseudomonas are found.

Nick Barsby, ADEY’s Commercial Water Testing Manager, said: “The MALDI-ToF equipment represents a significant investment for ADEY so to be recognised with this award is fantastic. Commercial Water Testing forms part of a range of commercial products and services that help our customers to achieve the best in safety, efficiency and lifespan of a water system.

“The major benefit of MALDI-ToF is that it allows our customers to take action on positive results and start rectifying issues before other labs have even confirmed the problem exists.

“By showing the species of bacteria, we are also helping customers discover secondary contamination issues. Where traditional techniques report Pseudomonas species, we can identify the exact strain on each sample received.”

The Commercial Water Testing Services were also finalists in the Project of the Year Category.

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