ADEY's Wash & Squash Recycling Initiative

At ADEY we are always striving to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We do everything we can to reduce our environmental impact and we are always looking for new initiatives to implement and ways to make sustainable living more accessible to ADEY colleagues.

The team at ADEY are delighted to be taking part in the Polypipe Civils Division Wash & Squash Scheme at ADEY and Alpha, with their Stonehouse Head Office kicking things off this summer. The Wash & Squash aims to make recycling and reusing easier for ADEY colleagues. Not only does washing and squashing help to reduce contamination and improve recycling efficiency, but once bottles have been washed, squashed and deposited in our collection bins, they will then be processed into materials that will be used in Polypipe products that last more than 50 years.

All ADEY Colleagues have been issued with a Wash & Squash bag, which is itself made from recycled materials. They can use their bags to bring their clean, washed, and squashed plastics from home. The plastic which can be recycled in our wash and squash scheme include plastic milk bottles, bleach bottles and any other bottes with the number 2 recycling symbol.

This is a great way for us to encourage sustainable living amongst ADEY team members. Not only is this a way we to reduce recycling at home, but it also means we can support Polypipe delivering products and support the counties wider infrastructure.

You can learn more about ADEY’s sustainability initiatives here:

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