ADEY's new Volunteering Initiative!

Often when asked if one does any volunteer work, the response is ‘I'd love to, but alongside work, I don't have the time’. We wanted to overcome this by making volunteering more assessable to our ADEY colleagues.

Volunteering benefits not only the community but also our colleagues and our business. As part of our ongoing commitment to being a purposeful business and a great community partner we are pleased to announce a scheme where all colleagues have access to two days paid Voluntary Leave each year.

ADEY colleagues can use this time to support a charity or community group of their own choice or to take up a company-sponsored opportunity. Volunteering could be a one-off such as a team challenge or local charity event or a longer-term opportunity such as charity trustee or school governor.

Our Director of Corporate Services, Amanda Arrowsmith, told us ‘We’re so excited to formalise the opportunity for colleague volunteering. We know that volunteering can give employees the chance to build connections with their local communities and give back to society while working on issues they feel passionate about. We’re delighted to support this by giving colleagues paid time off to take part."

This initiative allows us to encourage our people to give back to their community, consider the causes which they feel passionate about, use their skills elsewhere and learn from others.

We can't wait to see the great work that the ADEY team do during their days volunteering!

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