ADEY ProCheck® provides instant water test results for house builders


Heatco are a large contracting business, providing heating installation and maintenance services to a broad customer base from individual households to large house builders. They carry out work for a variety of national and regional builders including Persimmon Homes, Cameron Homes, Morris Homes and Vistry Group, with a servicing division managing and maintaining heating systems for homes after they are built.

The brief:

House builders must adhere to BS7593 requirements, concerning the preparation, commissioning and maintenance of domestic central heating and cooling systems. Heatco are extremely focused on delivering outstanding quality of work, which extends not only to the physical job in hand, but also to providing their clients with the appropriate reassurance of their high standards.

The solution:

ADEY ProCheck® is a universal digital water test for inhibitor, corrosion and pH levels in a system that gives instant lab-style results and recommendations using a smartphone. Heatco have always been forward thinking around heating system protection, specifying ADEY filters and chemicals for many of their projects, and the use of ADEY ProCheck water testing kits complements this service. The ability to test system water on-site during installation, servicing and maintenance, and receive results within minutes means that the Heatco servicing division are immediately able to validate their work and, if required, email that result to the client. The client is reassured that the work is being completed to the highest standards, which in turn improves the working relationship between contractor and customer. This also positions Heatco very positively against competitors.

House builders not only benefit from the peace of mind that heating systems are being maintained to the best possible standards, but also from the knowledge that maintaining and testing system protection will in turn result in fewer future call outs, as corrective action can be completed in the same visit. They also have visibility of compliant work on their homes with the ADEY ProCheck Report Management System. The contractor benefits by knowing that the quality of their work has been independently validated effectively and efficiently, helping housebuilders meet the requirements of BS7593.


‘We have always used ADEY products everywhere we can with our new build partners and know that their best in class range of filters and chemicals give us the confidence to deliver a high level of protection to our clients Heating Systems – ADEY ProCheck is just the next step of this development in proving to our Private clients that, with the support of the ADEY team, we can offer something different in this competitive part of the market

Some contractors veer away from the precise project specification and ultimately do not deliver the level of protection that we do – ADEY ProCheck allows us to demonstrate that all our systems are installed to the highest standard in line with BS7593’

Scott Broome, Heatco.

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