ADEY Join Legionella Control Association

Following on from attaining UKAS accreditation for Legionella testing, using the instant and informative MALDI-ToF confirmation technique, ADEY are delighted to announce that we are now registered members of the Legionella Control Association (LCA) under the category of Laboratory Analysis. By becoming members of the LCA, ADEY are demonstrating our commitment to providing a market leading laboratory service to the Water Hygiene and Water Treatment sector.

Click here to view the ADEY LCA Directory listing.

By offering MALDI-ToF confirmations ADEY are able to offer market leading turnaround times for the reporting of positive culture based Legionella samples. MALDI-ToF confirmations allow ADEY to report positive Legionella results on our standard read days after 5 and 10 days of incubation. In addition to saving two days in reporting positive samples, by removing the presumptive stage of testing, we can also offer a full species level identification in most strains of Legionella.

Click here to download our LCA Certificate of Regitration.

The LCA is a voluntary organisation whose membership comprises providers of services and products concerned with the control of legionella bacteria in water systems. The primary aim is to keep water systems safe and minimise the risk of cases of Legionnaires' disease caused by poorly maintained systems. With nearly 400 member organisations ADEY have joined a prestigious group of companies who are part of the LCA.

Click here to view the ADEY LCA Statement of Compliance.

Upon announcing ADEYs registration to the LCA, Simon Davies Fry, a key member of ADEYs Business Development team, comments:

The addition of LCA membership following so quickly after our UKAS accreditation for Legionella and Microbiology testing is a fantastic achievement the hard work our laboratory team has put in. By undertaking all confirmations with MALDI-ToF ADEY can provide market leading reporting times for Microbiology in addition to our three working day closed system chemistry analysis.

In addition to rapid chemistry reporting and MALDI-ToF confirmations ADEY have a portfolio of drop-off locations around the South East of England which help us provide a unique, client focussed service offering.

To discuss how ADEY’s Commercial Water Testing service can help your business or to arrange a meeting with one of our Business Development team please call the laboratory on 01795 411 542 or email

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