MagnaClean Micro2®

MagnaClean Micro2® filters and chemicals protect hundreds of heating systems in Scotland


Aberdeen City Council have a housing stock of around 22,000 properties, with a rolling programme of boiler installation and replacements for their tenants. The council wanted to protect and extend the lifetime of heating systems within these properties and turned to ADEY to provide the solution.

The brief:

With around 700 new and replacement boiler installations each year, the City Council wished to extend the life of this investment whilst providing more reliable heating systems and increasing tenant comfort.

Following a number of years fitting a non-ADEY filter with each new boiler installation, and discussions with Davie Robb, Divisional Key Account Manager at ADEY, Aberdeen City Council received a live demonstration of the ADEY MagnaCleanse® system flush, showing how a heating system can be simply and speedily cleaned. The demonstration included using the MagnaClean Micro2® filter, making the process particularly easy due to the filter providing the connections.

The solution:

After seeing the obvious benefits of ADEY filtration technology, Aberdeen City Council decided to install a MagnaClean Micro2 filter along with all new boiler installations and continue to do this as part of their annual installation programme. This filter was selected due to its compact size and powerful performance, ideally suited to protecting against magnetite and other debris for smaller heating systems.

Around 12 months later, ADEY provided a further live demonstration at a void property held by Aberdeen City Council. This clearly showed how an ADEY filter used with a MagnaCleanse system flush and the correct use of chemicals can further clean and protect heating systems.

This resulted in the City Council plumbing and heating engineers using Micro2® Chemical Packs, containing the filter, MC1+® Protector and MC3+® Cleaner. Over 60 chemical packs were purchased in the first month, along with additional MagnaCleanse systems combining the ADEY RapidFlush® Filter and VibraClean® agitator to remove system debris.

Micro2 - Aberdeen Council.jpg

This new approach is helping to extend the life of heating systems for tenant properties of Aberdeen City Council, lower tenant fuel bills, and helps towards reducing carbon emissions through improving heating system efficiency.


“There has been a renewed focus on water quality within heating systems in the last few years with good cause. The combination of ADEY MagnaCleanse system flush, quality cleanser and a Micro2 filter has undoubtedly saved the Council time and money and has left the tenant with a clean operational heating system.” Garry Haycroft – Team Leader (Gas)

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