Smart filter helps limit home visits during pandemic

This year has been unlike any other with the global pandemic changing priorities in many industries. For a lot of plumbing and heating businesses it has been a challenging balancing act between helping homeowners with urgent work and keeping businesses running, whilst adhering to COVID-19 guidelines and staying safe.

Businesses like Heatable, the online boiler provider, have taken advantage of the innovative features offered by the ADEY MagnaClean Professional3 Sense® filter to limit home visits. Sam Price, Heatable co-founder, explains, ‘Using the ADEY MagnaClean Pro3 filter has helped our in-house engineers monitor the health of the heating system remotely, without the need for a home visit or audit. This has been hugely helpful during such an unprecedented situation and has allowed our engineers to continue offering their services.’

The MagnaClean Pro3 is as easy to install as ADEY’s other leading filters, and engineers are guided through an easy set-up process to get the filter talking to the app ready to send system health alerts.

Sam continues, ‘The Pro3 has saved a tonne of time on the job, allowing engineers to easily install the filter using a step-by-step set of instructions via the ADEY ProClub app. Not only is this saving time, but it is also adding a new layer of quality control to the installation process, helping us to take our service to the next level.’

Darran Burrage, ADEY’s National Specification Director adds, ‘There’s nothing in the market today that does what the MagnaClean Professional3 Sense can do. We have diagnostic products and controls, but the MagnaClean Pro3 is the first product that will tell you that the system is likely to breakdown before it happens. That’s what makes the MagnaClean Pro3 a real enhanced service opportunity for engineers. And in unprecedented times it enables engineers to reduce home visits unless necessary, so they can delay scheduled maintenance on low-sludge systems until it’s safe to enter the property because they can see the health of the system in their smartphone.”

To find out more about the ADEY MagnaClean Professional3 Sense® filter visit or call us on 01242 546700.

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