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ADEY Research Centre

ADEY Research Centre

The industry’s only UKAS accredited lab

Committed to maintaining the highest industry standards, ADEY Professional Heating Solutions, the industry leader in central heating system protection and water treatment, continues to expand and invest in its team, resources and state-of-the-art research centre.

ADEY’s R&D facility in Kent is the first and only laboratory in the HVAC sector to be accredited by UKAS against the quality standard ISO17025 for testing central heating system water and water treatment products to the highest industry standard, reinforcing the water treatment pioneer’s position as industry leaders.

Having the opportunity to continually expand the product range, ADEY are able to provide installers with the most effective tools for best practice in heating system maintenance.

Our UKAS scope of accreditation can be found here.

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  • The only lab in our industry to be UKAS accredited

    As the only lab in our industry to be UKAS accredited, it underpins our technical competence and integrity of both our water testing service and inhibitor performance testing which benefits heating system quality.

    "This sets us apart, giving confidence to our customers that we are leading the way in raising quality standards. We’re working to a level that is unprecedented in the industry and are extremely proud to be the first to do so."

    Mo Jassal, ADEY’s Chemical Technical Manager

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ADEY water testing

ADEY Water Test Kit

ADEY raising standards in water testing

ADEY's water testing delivers a fast, accurate and reliable service, providing an online facility which produces reports on water quality and an explanation of the likely causes of system problems along with the ADEY’s best practice recommendations to restore the heating system to full efficiency.

ADEY sets the highest standards in water testing in the UK to deliver a premium online service that tests both system water and mains water for utilities, local authorities, housing associations, contractors, installers and manufacturers.

Fast, accurate and premium service

  • Tests central heating system water quality
  • Ensures correct system dosing
  • Treatment recommendations to prolong system life and efficiency
  • In-house accredited laboratory report
  • Contains 2 free MC1+ Protector test strips

ADEY's water testing service employs a team of highly qualified analytical chemists who conduct comprehensive tests on a broad range of parameters including determination of corrosion products, scale deposition, pH, chloride, conductivity and inhibitor levels.

The water test results are then made available online via a secure, user-friendly web portal with an email notification typically being sent out within 24 hours.

With the only laboratory in the industry to be UKAS accredited, ADEY is able to deliver the most accurate and reliable test results for the testing of both system water and mains water.

Having met the exacting requirements of national and international standards, this accreditation recognises the company’s ability to produce technically accurate, impartial and consistent reports, giving its customers confidence in its products and services.

For installers who have previously used our water testing service, view your water quality report via ADEY’s water testing portal here.

Note: Interpretation is based on the sample being representative of the system as a whole and treatment being with ADEY products only.

ADEY Water Testing online portal

Protector Level Testing

ADEY MC1+ Quick Test Kit

Quick results with ADEY’s MC1+ Quick Test Kit

ADEY’s MC1+ Quick Test Kit delivers fast and accurate testing of the inhibitor concentration in the central heating system. After draining off some system water, the test strip only needs to be dipped in the solution for a second. Results are then revealed after just ten seconds.

Delivering quick on-site results, MC1+ Quick Test Kit tests up to 50 systems and comes equipped with a colour scale with which results can be compared.

Giving further security and reliability to diagnosis and analysis, MC1+ Quick Test Kit is suitable for testing the levels of MC1, MC1+ and MC1+ RAPIDE.

View ADEY's Protector chemical range here.

If you would like to purchase either a water test kit or the MC1+ Quick Test Kit, speak to your merchant or order online from