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A decade in the making…

ADEY Professional Heating Solutions is the UK’s leading manufacturer of magnetic filters for the maintenance and protection of central heating systems.

The company invented MagnaClean having pioneered magnetic filtration within the sector for more than a decade.

ADEY’s success is built on product innovation and quality along with an unrivalled understanding of the practical and daily working needs of the professional installer.

This understanding stems from the company’s founder and inventor of the award winning MagnaClean technology, Chris Adey.

Chris started his career serving an apprenticeship with British Gas prior to working at various engineering and technical levels within the central heating industry. Having worked for himself for a number of years, he drew on his experience and technical expertise and discovered a strong entrepreneurial spirit that led to the formation of the present company in 2003.


The largest range of products in the industry

Since then, under Chris’ direction, ADEY’s research and development team has developed the largest range of products in the industry. Investing more than 10,000 hours in our in-house development last year alone, ADEY now manufactures MagnaClean filters from the smallest filter on the market, the MagnaClean Micro2 right up to the 6” Commercial filter for heavy industrial use. The unrivalled MagnaCleanse flushing system is another ADEY development.

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Best practice makes perfect

ADEY sets the highest standards in water testing in the UK, delivering a fast, accurate and reliable service.

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Delivering a premium online service, ADEY’s UKAS accredited laboratory produces reports on water quality and an explanation of the likely causes of system problems along with ADEY’s best practice recommendations to restore the heating system to full efficiency.

With the only fully-integrated water testing service, system owners can feel assured that they are getting the best in central heating system protection with ADEY’s five-step approach to best practice.