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ADEY Professional Heating Solutions is the No.1 magnetic filter brand in the UK.

Our range of magnetic filters is the largest in the industry from the smallest filter on the market, the MagnaClean Micro2, right up to our 6” MagnaClean Commercial filter for heavy industrial use as well as the unrivalled MagnaCleanse flushing system.

ADEY MagnaClean Professioanl2
ADEY MagnaClean Professioanl2xp
ADEY MagnaClean Micro2
ADEY MagnaClean DualXP ADEY MagnaClean DualXP
ADEY MagnaCleanse ADEY MagnaCleanse
ADEY Commercial filters ADEY Commercial filters
ADEY MagnaClean Professional
ADEY MagnaClean TwinTech
ADEY MagnaClean Micro