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  • Wonderful service

    “We would like to thank you very sincerely for the wonderful service you've provided. Such fantastic service from any company is rare and I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate the first class service you've given us. I wish you well for the future!”

    Julian Francis, Homeowner, St Austell

  • Elegant design

    “Mark Lewis my installer tells me he always uses MagnaClean. The amount of sludge collected was impressive. The way you keep the sludge in position with the sleeve when you remove the magnet is a very neat and elegant piece of design. Impressed! MagnaClean is not only neat, it performs a fantastic job.”

    Mr. D Cage, Highworth

  • A superb product

    “I was optimistic when I purchased MagnaClean and thought I'd give it a try. After a power-flush I fitted it to the return heating pipework as instructed and was absolutely amazed at how easy it was to install, but more so after just five minutes of the heating being turned on because MagnaClean actually removes more sludge with the client being so impressed. A truly superb product. I would definitely recommend it.”

    Richard Green, Tamworth

  • I recommend it to every customer

    MagnaClean is an excellent product. I recommend it to every customer. ADEY's after sales service is also very good. I'm very impressed!”

    Balal Habshi, DHQ Heating and Boiler Servicing, Slough

  • The James Dyson of Plumbing!

    “We have just purchased the MagnaCleanse MACK 01 kit and although we have yet to use it, I feel moved to comment upon the outstanding quality and extreme value. This is solid quality engineering! And is up there with aviation industry standards of materials and build. Keep on innovating! You guys are the James Dyson of plumbing.”

    David Draper, Gas Fast Ltd, North Yorkshire.

  • Always smiling about ADEY products

    "Firstly I'd like to say how great your products are. I've won 2x on the trot now, winning the chemical pack from registering your products. Thank you very much, another nice touch that keeps me smiling about ADEY products."

    Adam Thomas, Adam the Plumber, Isle of Wight

  • Brilliant Training Day

    "I would like to commend you on a brilliant employee that is Colin Yearp. I recently attended an ADEY training day in Moor Training which was led by Colin. He was very enthusiastic about ADEY and kept myself and the other attendees engaged throughout the whole day. I can't comment him enough for the brilliant work that he did."


    Curtis Wood, Spectrum Services

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