ADEY Professional Heating Solutions


Protection for commercial systems

ADEY Professional Heating Solutions is the UK’s leading manufacturer of magnetic filters for heating system protection and the inventors of MagnaClean.

The company’s success is built on product innovation and quality along with an unrivalled understanding of the practical and daily working needs of the professional installer.

For the past decade, ADEY’s innovations have been responding to the changes in modern heating systems and the needs of heating professionals.

MagnaClean offers an exceptionally powerful range of magnetic filters designed to protect and maintain demanding light commercial heating systems through to heavy industrial applications.

The award winning MagnaClean design characteristics and high quality production in the UK make installation and ongoing maintenance extremely straightforward.

This proven technology effectively tackles black iron oxide sludge and system debris and has been specifically developed to meet commercial needs. The high performance filters not only maintain heating and cooling systems, they provide ongoing protection and contribute significantly to reduced energy, maintenance and repair costs within the organisation.

At the same time, the technology offers flexibility, reliability and a long operational life over many years across the following sectors: