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Mike Green

Mike Green

Area Sales Manager – Commercial North

Mobile: 07866 816785

Barry Wright

Barry Wright

Area Sales Manager – Commercial South

Mobile: 07866 816766


Konstantin Papadopoulos

Konstantin Papadopoulos

Sales Director - D/A/CH, Nordics and Eastern Europe

Mobile: +49 172134854

Jean-Denis Taurant

Jean-Denis Taurant

Sales Director - France, Benelux, Spain, Italy

Mobile: +33 7 85 31 18 13

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  • Excellent customer support

    “This is just a note to thank you and the ADEY team for the excellent customer support given to me. Being just a small private user, the personal attention to my humble needs was very much appreciated. In this day and age, it's rewarding to be on the receiving end of such care.”

    Mr Maybury

  • You have a customer for life

    “I’ve received my chemical pack as promised. I’m very grateful. You have definitely gained a customer for life, I applaud you on your great customer service.”

    Mr Holt

  • Amazing MagnaCleanse results

    “I had my boiler installed by Complete Plumbing and a MagnaCleanse system flush at the same time. I was completely shocked at how much sludge was in my heating system and have really noticed the difference. The results are amazing. I will be recommending both the product and Complete Plumbing 100% to all my friends and family.”

    Lisa Longford, Westerham, Kent 

  • 100% for customer service

    “One thing ADEY has over their competitors is customer service. Whoever monitors this should know it's second to none as every one I've contacted for the last two months have been 100%. Keep up the good work and I hope we can work together long into the future.”

    David Smith, Managing Director, Valley Services, Derbyshire

  • A helpful and prompt response

    “Thank you for such a helpful and prompt response. I want to say how much I appreciate your attitude and I wish other organisations’ customer care departments were as good. I hope your employers' appreciate what a great worker they have.”

    Mr Peters, Homeowner

  • So impressed with MC1+ RAPIDE

    “I recently carried out a service and followed this with an inhibitor level check with the ADEY MC1 quick test and it showed that it was below the acceptable level. I advised that it would be best to top up the inhibitor. I chose a double panel radiator in the hallway to shut-off and drain. The radiator had a bleed valve on each panel which made the job easier. I left the bleed valve open on the back panel and removed the valve on the front and removed the cap on the new RAPIDE MC1+ dosing can. I pushed the tip in the radiator and pressed the button. The canister emptied very quickly. There were no drops of spray from the can and no mess to clean up. I was particularly impressed with the way the dosing point of the canister is constructed so that no matter what radiator you're dosing, you don't have to mess about changing nozzles as with other products. It's a solidly constructed design on these cans and I'll definitely be keeping them in stock in the van as well as the bottle form.”

    Laurie Irving, Brushstrokes Gas Services, Dumfries, Scotland

  • Brilliantly simple

    “CHRIS ADEY – What a brilliantly simple yet well thought out, well made and innovative product. You and your team deserve every success and accolade you garner for your creativity and vision.
    Well done! Really. ”

    Wayne Jackson, Barrister-at-Law

  • Fantastic product - An industry breakthrough

    “AN ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC PRODUCT! It still amazes me how simple in design yet so crucial this product is for a heating system (new or old). And, still after fitting and servicing several MagnaClean TwinTech filters, I'm speechless regarding how much sludge they pick up especially after chemical cleaning or power-flushing. An outstanding invention and a massive breakthrough in the heating industry. There is no downside to this product.”

    Glen Rogers, Damson Heating & Plumbing, Dorset

  • Brilliant - Recommended it to my friends

    “I was recently quoted for a MagnaClean and wondered if it was a gimmick and an unnecessarey expense. How wrong I was. My installer showed me the heavily, black, sludge-covered MagnaClean a few days later. I think it's brilliant and have recommended it to my friends.”

    Miss M Blewitt, Wirral

  • Best customer service

    “Your customer service is the best I've ever received. I wish all my suppliers were in the same league as you. I can't thank you enough and I will say it again your customer service is second to none. I appreciate all that you've done.”

    Dale Bradley,  Pontefract

  • Excellent value product

    “This product represents excellent value for money. And, as the expression says, it does exactly what it says on the box. During installation and cleaning of my heating system you could see the effect immediately when the plumber took it apart to clean...very impressive.”

    Robert Dawkins, Portsmouth

  • MagnaClean fitted on all replacement boilers

    “I've been using MagnaClean Professional since they first appeared when my tech college recommended the product to us. ADEY has always impressed me as they are always improving their products for the customer and the installer. They always listen to my concerns and have dealt with them accordingly. I would never hesitate to recommend your products and it's our policy to fit a MagnaClean filter on all replacement boilers. I have just tried out the new TwinTech. SUPERB and well-built.”

    McCluskeys Plumbing and Heating

  • Absolutely amazing product

    “ABSOLUTELY AMAZING PRODUCT. We install on average four boilers a week and always fit a MagnaClean as standard now. We've been getting good feedback recently from our clients about how good this device is. Customers can see exactly what is coming out of their system. Better out than ruining a perfectly installed boiler.”

    A Singh, Dudley

  • Very pleased with the customer service

    “I'm very happy with the product but I'm also very pleased with the customer service. The response to my initial contact was positive and timely with a personal contact. It's a pleasure to deal with a company that obviously regards customer feedback and satisfaction as an important part of the business. I have no hesitation in recommending your company's products to my friends and family.”

    Mr B Holland, Worthing, West Sussex

  • Pleasure to work with ADEY

    “I've been using MagnaClean for three years after joining CalorGas, where it is our company policy to fit an ADEY uniton every installations. I've found the quality of the product and the ability to contact the company at an excellent standard. It's a pleasure to work alongside ADEY. Customers are always impressed by how the unit works and what it does in helping prolong the life of their heating system, every time getting comments like: 'What a good idea' and 'wow, thanks so much for installing that'. Knowing the benefits and the relatively low cost means it's a product I'll always use.”

    Tom Stephens, Senior Technician, Calorforce

  • An excellent product - It should win an award

    “I was gob-smacked by the amount of iron oxide removed bythe MagnaClean unit in only 20 minutes. It was unbelievable. We showed the customer and they were equally impressed. Believe me it takes a lot to impress me. What is even more remarkable was the fact that we had taken out the boiler, taken out the tank and cleaned it out, replaced the feed and vent pipe and power-flushed the system. It just shows that you can never get all the sludge/rust out of a system. We'll be recommending MagnaClean on every boiler from now on. I think it should be compulsory. This device would save more money than thermostatic rad valves. Congratulations on an excellent product. It should win an award. ”

    Gary, MaxGa.

  • Great customer service

    “I would like to thank ADEY for the great after sales service. I found their customer services people totally focused on providing only the best service and advice which in these days is difficult to obtain. ADEY have been very polite, understanding and totally focused on providing the highest quality of customer services for their products. I have no hesitation in recommending ADEY and their products. Keep up the good work.”

    Mr B Punj, Warwick

  • Wonderful service

    “We would like to thank you very sincerely for the wonderful service you've provided. Such fantastic service from any company is rare and I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate the first class service you've given us. I wish you well for the future!”

    Julian Francis, Homeowner, St Austell

  • Elegant design

    “Mark Lewis my installer tells me he always uses MagnaClean. The amount of sludge collected was impressive. The way you keep the sludge in position with the sleeve when you remove the magnet is a very neat and elegant piece of design. Impressed! MagnaClean is not only neat, it performs a fantastic job.”

    Mr. D Cage, Highworth

  • A superb product

    “I was optimistic when I purchased MagnaClean and thought I'd give it a try. After a power-flush I fitted it to the return heating pipework as instructed and was absolutely amazed at how easy it was to install, but more so after just five minutes of the heating being turned on because MagnaClean actually removes more sludge with the client being so impressed. A truly superb product. I would definitely recommend it.”

    Richard Green, Tamworth

  • I recommend it to every customer

    MagnaClean is an excellent product. I recommend it to every customer. ADEY's after sales service is also very good. I'm very impressed!”

    Balal Habshi, DHQ Heating and Boiler Servicing, Slough

  • THANK YOU so much – You’re a godsend

    “I've just received your parcel - THANK YOU so much. The new unit is exactly as required. You're a godsend and to repay your good service, let me know if you sell any other products that may be of use in my home. Through this excellent service, you've employed an advertising person for life! I shall NOT forget and make sure ALL my friends know about your company and products.”

    Ben Menhadji, Stanmore, Middlesex

  • What fantastic service

    “What a fantastic service from ADEY. A replacement part sent immediately to my door. No quibbles, no messing, just good old-fashioned customer service. Thanks to Matthew Hancox at ADEY's customer service department who was fantastic!”

    David Barker, Sevenoaks, Kent

  • The James Dyson of Plumbing!

    “We have just purchased the MagnaCleanse MACK 01 kit and although we have yet to use it, I feel moved to comment upon the outstanding quality and extreme value. This is solid quality engineering! And is up there with aviation industry standards of materials and build. Keep on innovating! You guys are the James Dyson of plumbing.”

    David Draper, Gas Fast Ltd, North Yorkshire.

  • Always smiling about ADEY products

    "Firstly I'd like to say how great your products are. I've won 2x on the trot now, winning the chemical pack from registering your products. Thank you very much, another nice touch that keeps me smiling about ADEY products."

    Adam Thomas, Adam the Plumber, Isle of Wight

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