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Magnetic filtration technology for all demanding applications

MagnaClean is the industry leading name in magnetic filtration for the central heating sector. With more than ten years development in water treatment, the technology has evolved significantly and is now recognised as an essential component in system maintenance.

Maintaining commercial heating system efficiency is critical. For exceptional performance and powerful filtration, MagnaClean Commercial delivers a range of magnetic filter solutions for a broad spectrum of demanding heavy duty and industrial applications.

MagnaClean restores heating systems to peak performance and efficiency, as well as helping to extend the operational life of the system, There are no ongoing running costs and the filter collects small and large particles of sludge that build-up in the system, helping reduce energy and maintenance costs.

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  • Brilliantly simple

    “CHRIS ADEY – What a brilliantly simple yet well thought out, well made and innovative product. You and your team deserve every success and accolade you garner for your creativity and vision.
    Well done! Really. ”

    Wayne Jackson, Barrister-at-Law

  • Pleasure to work with ADEY

    “I've been using MagnaClean for three years after joining CalorGas, where it is our company policy to fit an ADEY uniton every installations. I've found the quality of the product and the ability to contact the company at an excellent standard. It's a pleasure to work alongside ADEY. Customers are always impressed by how the unit works and what it does in helping prolong the life of their heating system, every time getting comments like: 'What a good idea' and 'wow, thanks so much for installing that'. Knowing the benefits and the relatively low cost means it's a product I'll always use.”

    Tom Stephens, Senior Technician, Calorforce

  • An excellent product - It should win an award

    “I was gob-smacked by the amount of iron oxide removed bythe MagnaClean unit in only 20 minutes. It was unbelievable. We showed the customer and they were equally impressed. Believe me it takes a lot to impress me. What is even more remarkable was the fact that we had taken out the boiler, taken out the tank and cleaned it out, replaced the feed and vent pipe and power-flushed the system. It just shows that you can never get all the sludge/rust out of a system. We'll be recommending MagnaClean on every boiler from now on. I think it should be compulsory. This device would save more money than thermostatic rad valves. Congratulations on an excellent product. It should win an award. ”

    Gary, MaxGa.

  • Great customer service

    “I would like to thank ADEY for the great after sales service. I found their customer services people totally focused on providing only the best service and advice which in these days is difficult to obtain. ADEY have been very polite, understanding and totally focused on providing the highest quality of customer services for their products. I have no hesitation in recommending ADEY and their products. Keep up the good work.”

    Mr B Punj, Warwick

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